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Browning Pocket Knives

September 22, 2017

This Browning two pack of knives is what you can expect from pocket knives. The knife comes in a pack of two in a well presented canister made of metal. Inside the metal canister two knives sit in a very high quality sort of cushioning you would find in a gun box. One blade has more of a traditional blade that isn't as funky and deadly looking the other one looks like. The second knife has a curve on the tip of the blade and looks more like a combat knife than a utility knife. The metal used in these knives is 420 UHC stainless steel. And the wood on the handle is of unknown origin. When testing both of the knives they seemed almost the same as the Walmart Ozark Trail Knife. The only problem with that is one is $100, and the other is $3.47. The Browning knives are more of a display set than a EDC set. I personally would not purchase these knives just because they are branded Browning and come in a metal box. The knives are good but you can get the same thing for $3.47 at Walmart. These Browning knives have only one purpose for me: display. I give these Browning knives a 6.4/10 for being another sneaky brand name trick.



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September 22, 2017

August 28, 2017

August 27, 2017

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