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Avery Knifeworks Mini Machete

October 26, 2017

Have you ever wanted a knife, an axe, a machete, and a chisel all in one? Then the Avery Knifeworks Mini Machete is for you.



Custom made knives seem to be a pay to win situation. Normally you would have to pay an outrageous amount of money to get a good quality knife, and if you pay just a little for a custom knife you get a piece of junk. Thankfully there is an alternative that takes the good out of both of these options. An affordable, handmade custom knife made for you. Avery Knifeworks makes the best of the two. Raleigh Avery makes 100% handmade knives which are guaranteed to last. You can get whatever you can imagine.


We received the Avery Knifeworks Mini Machete. It has an overall length of about 11 inches and has a paracord handle to help you with control while you are clearing brush. I decided on 3 words that describe this product: Strong, Sturdy, and Godly. We put the Mini Machete through various tests ranging from delicate tasks like cutting food and whittling to more violent tests like batoning and breaking cinder blocks. The Mini Machete performed extremely well on all of them. Let's start with the finer tasks. Cutting through multiple bell peppers and eggplants was no problem at all for the machete, and it quickly made short and clean work of them. Whittling was a little bit rough but then took on the form of something we never would have expected from a machete. The strips it made were paper thin, and in turn, the machete glided through the wood. Batoning was a slight problem for the machete. The length of the machete’s blade didn't work well with the larger pieces of wood. However, the machete did work with thinner logs. After we completed these tests we inspected the edge, nothing. There were no dents or chips and the edge was still razor sharp. We were generally surprised by this. Our final test was trying to break a cinder block with the machete. We had a medium sized log and a normal cinderblock. Having placed the machete on the cinderblock, we started batoning it with a piece of wood and the blade flew right through with ease! After we got through the first layer, we just went to town on the block and completely destroyed it. After the block was gone we inspected the edge and found one minor dent and a moderately sized chip. We grabbed a basic whetstone and we got the chips out and made the machete razor sharp in about 5 and half minutes. Our actor was so pleased with the Avery Knifeworks Mini Machete that he decided to replace his Mora Robust with it.

After all is said and done, we gave the Mini Machete a 9.5/10 for being affordable, strong, and just looking so cool. Honest Knife Reviews personally recommends this product to ANY outdoorsman. Be sure to get your own at Our test video of the knife is up on our YouTube, simply search Honest Knife Reviews and it will show our channel. The only thing that takes away from the blade is how hard it may be to baton large logs, but this is only due to the length of the blade.

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